Dr. Hong Wenxing,  Assistant Professor
Automation Department,
School of Information Science and Technology,
Xiamen University, China

Meeting Time and Location

  • Sunday 2:00pm – 4:10pm, Room 307, Jiageng Bld. 5#, Main Campus. (2012 Spring)

Course Materials

  • Lecture Notes and Assignments (to be released)

Course Description

Course Syllabus (Subject to revision)


Format and Grading

The course assignments include projects, written homeworks, paper discussions and presentations. Research projects will be designed to improve the critical analysis and problem-solving skills of students. Class attendance is mandatory. In addition, occasional quizzes will be given in class. Evaluation will be a subjective process, but it will be primarily based on the students’ understanding of the course material. Final grades will be calculated as follows.

Quizzes and Class Participation 15%
Exams 50%
Assignments and Projects 35%

Policies on Assignments and Exams

All project deliverables and assignments should be submitted before midnight on the due date. The only excuse for missing an exam is verifiable cases of illness and emergencies and religious holidays. Please check the dates for exams and inform me at the earliest of any conflict due to the above-mentioned reasons.

Textbooks and References



Alternative Textbooks


  • A lot of reading material from top conferences/journals will be made available online or in class as required. In addition, lecture notes will be available on line.